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Dr. Bell Attends Master Class on PAD

Coastal Vein & Vascular is committed to staying on the cutting edge of science, medicine and technology. Dr. William H. Bell III, one of CVV’s senior surgeons, recently returned from the Covidien Vascular Therapies Master Class on Management in the Treatment of Peripheral Arterial Disease in Philadelphia, PA. This class focused on the latest medical therapies and advanced techniques for treating peripheral arterial disease. PAD, which predominately affects eldery and diabetic patients, is defined as a circulatory problem in which narrowed arteries restrict blood flow to the limbs. In patients where blood flow is restricted to the critical limbs, such as the legs, this can result in severe pain while walking.

At the Vascular Access Center, the surgeons of CVV can perform minimally invasive procedures such as arteriograms and angioplasty without the associated hassles of a hospital operation.

CVV has been treating patients with these highly effective procedures for several years, and they continue to push for excellence by studying and researching new products and techniques which may help their patients. Dr. Bell’s recent Master Class was in the application of an advanced technique in “directional artherectomy.” In this procedure a small device is inserted into the blocked artery and cuts away the plaque (an accumulation of fatty deposits which causes the blockage) with a small blade. The key advantage is this procedure removes the plaque completely, which hopefully prevents a recurrance, whereas other techniques, such as stenting and balloon angioplasty, dilates the artery without removing the blockage. Furthermore, for some patients a stent is contraindicated, meaning that the location of the blockage is such that a stent would be ineffective or harmful.

The surgeons and staff at Coastal Vein & Vascular remain committed to educating themselves and others on new techniques, devices, and procedures designed to aid them in the treatment of peripheral arterial disease. By attending classes and conferences such as these they are putting more tools at their disposal. Tools which they can wisely and effectively choose to treat the patients for whom they care so deeply.