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Vascular Access Center

Although many vascular surgery practices perform minimally-invasive procedures in an outpatient setting, CVV’s Vascular Access Center provides patients with an extra level of convenience by offering such procedures right from the comfort of our office. No hospital fees, no scheduling limitations of off-site outpatient facilities; patients can undergo an array of minimally invasive procedures from our convenient, single story office off Neuse Boulevard.

The Vascular Access Center is the most advanced outpatient endovascular facility of its kind in the area, and boasts two high-tech procedure suites and separate pre and postoperative recovery areas. A private, second waiting area next to the procedure room is dedicated for friends and family to comfortably wait for their loved ones.

Coastal Vein and Vascular’s state-of-the-art Vascular Access Center is equipped for all interventional endovascular procedures including:

• Arteriograms and Venograms with Angioplasty, Atherectomy & Stenting
• Endovenous Ablation
• Mini Stab Phlebectomy
• Sclerotherapy for Varicose Veins
• Long Term Venous Access
• Ports and Dialysis Access
• Central Venous Lines

Vascular Lab

Attached to our Vascular Access Center is our Vascular Lab.  It is here where we may do diagnostic procedures such as Duplex Ultrasounds within the comfort of an office setting.  This allows patients to be seen, tested, diagnosed, and treated within the same day rather than having to visit several different facilities for the same condition.